The Jumpstart Leadership Program is a boot camp for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to produce exponential results and growth in their business. In this 10-day journey you will be immersed in a blend of creative and high powered entrepreneurship, as you examine and study all the key stages in the life cycle of your business - and what it takes to build a lasting business.

Jumpstart Leadership is special, in that it focuses not only on building the Aptitude (hard skills) required for succeeding as an entrepreneur, but also the winning Attitude (soft skills) for sustaining success and enjoying it with a balanced life cycle.

Your greatest ROI from the Jumpstart Leadership Program will be the transformation and new confidence you will experience in your ability to 'Lead' your business. At the end of these 10 days you will take home both a Clear Vision and Executable Game Plan to produce breakthrough results in your business immediately and truly build a lasting business!


After completing the program, you’ll experience...

  • Increased confidence in your ability to lead your business
  • A clear sense of direction and well articulated goals
  • Your very own - personalized "Executable Game Plan"
  • A much deeper understanding of what really drives you and what drives your business
  • A commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • A network of your peers who can be your sounding board at all times
  • Ongoing access to world class leadership mentors who will help you in all aspects of the start-up or jump-start your business